Alex Buechel was born in Mexico City in 1981. Growing up around one of the most historically rich cultures in the world inspired him and left him dreaming of being an artist.  His dreams and aspirations of creating a master piece that would last through the ages grew as he explored art throughout Mexico City. He moved to Canada at the age of seven and began to notice that art was around him in different ways; in building facades, advertizing, comic books, magazines, book and video covers and movie posters. He saw a world where his talent could grow and be seen by many people.  Alex moved to Michigan where he showed great promise in his High School classes and was commissioned to draw 6 murals for Eisenhower High School while still a student. His murals were intended to represent the class of 2000.  These murals still decorate the halls of the school, displayed with pride for all future generations.

After high school Alex felt that Architecture could combine his ability to draw with his creativity. He felt limited in Architecture so he returned to school to continue his studies of art and drawing.  This time, his college studies included photography, design, art and composition. He met an instructor in one of his required classes who saw something in Alex and thought that with the right guidance and effort, Alex could improve his art, push it to a new level and maybe one day work in the illustration industry.

Inspired and driven once again, Alex set new standards in every College class, impressing all of his instructors. Showing such promise, most of his instructors set time aside for private studies to push Alex to create layouts and artwork with cutting-edge detail. He finished college armed with a primary degree in Illustration for Advertizing and a secondary degree in Digital Design & Layout.

Today Alex is an official Star Wars artist and has worked for companies including Lucas Film LTD, Starwars.com, New line Cinema, NBC, Topps and WarSport International, Inc. His projects include official artwork for Lord of The Rings, Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Krystal Skull, Heroes volumes one and two, StarWars.com tutorials, Clone Wars, the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, Star Wars galaxy 5 – 6, wide-vision 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, and World of War Sport.