Sucker Punch Movie Poster Art

Sucker Punch Movie

I decided back in July while attending Comic Con that I would have to do a piece for the new movie Sucker Punch. I took several pictures of the statues that Gentle Giant had and instant saw that this would be Huge !!! I never however suspected it would be so amazing. I just recently saw the movie and it was more than i hoped. The quality, the story, the imagery, the angles, the lighting, coloring, mood, soundtrack, Everything exceeded my expectations and left me in aw. Sucker Punch was put simply Amazing. With a stellar cast that worked amazing together the story followed a girl by the name of Baby Doll in Sucker Punch. Since the movie release, artwork for Sucker Punch showing Baby Doll and the other characters has exploded through the net and it has become tough to be original as the studios only released a few good images. As suspected withing days all the images had been drawn time and again.

I was able to sit at my desk last night for the first time in a while with one goal. Draw an Original Sucker Punch Poster with Baby Doll. After that the rest would fall in place. Well thanks to the wonderful world of cosplay i found an image i very much liked and with some editing, adding and cutting was able to make the costume more screen accurate and add Baby Doll face to it.


Here is the WIP (work in progress) of my latest and greatest. Sucker Punch Art


Alex Buechel -

31/03/11 13:43

R. Wolf Baldassarro

Dude, if your previous work is any indication, the Sucker Punch poster is going to blow anything the competition has out of the water. Two very enthusiastic paws up!

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