Topps Star Wars Galaxy 6

Topps Star Wars Galaxy 6

Well I finally finished all of my Star Wars Galaxy 6 sketchcards and  and im glad that i was able to finish them on time . Put a lot of time into them and hope that all the fans like them.

This time around i took on more cards than ever before and with the deadlines cutting close i had to spend some long nights working. The added pressure of working on originally signed cards by Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer, Ray Park and many more was exciting. There was no undo or errasies on these cards but in the end an original actor signature and my own with my original drawing will no doublt make these cards worth more to fans and collectors.

Now i have to sit down and start thinking Comic Con. Have a few projects that ill be talking about soon. But for now some time to relax and enjoy the deadline free life.

For more on the cards google scoundrel art forum. Join and see all the wonderful sets and artist creating art for these sets like Jay Shimko, Matt Busch, Adam Hughes, Raats, Bill Pulkovski, Bruce Gerlach and more…

Alex Buechel -

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