True Blood

True Blood

I never really got what all the hype was about. I kept hearing about the conflict between people on what show is better. The teen vampires or the hick ones (twilight or True Blood). Well after having worked on Twilight posters and art, i kept being asked to do some true blood stuff also. But i was never familiar enough to work on these.

Lets be honest, Twilight is designed and geared toward 13 year old teens and besides the sad older women who also obsess with it. The Quality and story have all been done before.  It falls short in quality in so many ways like using 1982 technology for a big part of the movie with zip lines up trees, having an underage actor topless become the obsession of overweight older women, and the idea that a Vampire sparkles, well we just wont get into it. But int he end it was at the right time and geared at the right crowd for success.

It has created a big open doorway for all things vampire in terms of acceptance on TV and film. The day in and day out story of Vampires vs humans, until werewolves show up… has been told over and over. Many times with quality like in the Underworld series with actual actors and a real budget.

Since spawns of vampires shows continue to spam our networks and I found myself watching one lately. True Blood, not sure if it came before or after. An adult show no doubt with guaranteed nudity per episode it follows the same line of thinking. Vampire falls in love with normal girl bla bla bla. However it is incredibly addictive and the shows has many great qualities. The characters are likable in their own way and two seasons in i cant stop wanting more.

Waiting for the third season has become annoying and with the forth already under way I’m rapidly falling behind. But i am feeling inspired. I have always been asked to create artwork for this show and never really wanted to.. Not that i refuse to, but i hate drawing things i know nothing about as i will always fall short. People always ask why a character was not added, or why a few are in the final image. I felt that i had to understand and watch the show before i could accurately represent it with images of my own creation.

In the end perspective matters and i will choose characters that i feel are important. But at least i have an educated interest in the series and know who is what and when.

True Blood is blowing up and taking over all vampire lovers. Having taken over Comic Con last year so many artist out there are already doing artwork for the show, the challenge will be to make something new and better. Fresh and interesting. I cant wait to start !!!

Alex Buechel -

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