Vampirella Sketch Cards

Breygent Vampirella Sketch Cards

Breygent has released the promo sheets and officially announced the new Vampirella Sketch Card series to be release in a few months. Like all sketch card sets this will have a killer cast working on the set. With Breyent quality sketches that are always hand picked and top notch this set is sure to be one of the better releases of this year.

Just got the word about Vampirella Cards about a month ago. So when i was invited to work on the set i was ecstatic. Not only is it a very popular character, but its also a classic that continues to attract new fans with every release. The opportunity to work with Breyent on such a great subject matter will definitely push me to achieve a whole new level with my sketches.

Following the full color, finished illustration policy will be time consuming and an challenge on its own. But a welcome one. Having done a lot of star wars sketch cards with the most recent being galaxy 6 with Topps, this will be a welcome change to refresh myself and put some reference material aside for a little while, Until the next star wars set of course.

Alex Buechel -

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