X-Men First Class Posters

X-men First Class

Its been a while since i can recall truly looking at a professional movie poster and thinking that a child could have been better. This year, the newly released X-men First Class posters have made me think just that. Using the photo shop skills of an amateur the reaction across the web to these horrible attempts is unanimous in hate. This movie has been the topic of discussion around the web with it hype of a solid relaunch to the series. The idea of a first class movie instantly found success and with a solid logo and a few previous posters seen, the buzz was that X-men First Class would no doubt be one the must see films of the year. Here is a preview at some older posters shown for X-men First Class


But, with time people have grown worried with casting, imagery, and clips. Now its almost insulting that the studio putting out these poster would think that movie fans and goers would would have anything positive to say about this. If anything, its a slap to the face in showing very little passion and effort and sending a message of mediocrity. Although the concept was decent, the execution is what fans see in the end and its horrible. X-men Posters with talking crotch images….

I’m not a critic for the movies and i know that personal taste comes into play with every review. However, we have all come to expect a certain level of professionalism from big budget movies. We’ve grown accustom to amazing posters and pieces of art that serve their purpose well. In the end, the idea behind each poster is promotion. To show an image that makes the movie look like the best next thing and creates a rush through people to have to see that movie. Over time things have changed but i think we can all agree that no posters match that of Drew Struzan’s posters and to allow posters like these to replace the great artists out there is just wrong. Its as though there were no sense of pride in their work, and its just about the money. No art to the film, and frankly its just disappointing.


Here is what a movie poster should look like. A tell all story on its own, that captures the eye and makes you want to rush and see the films. Not the Talking Crotch Face posters that X-men First Class Offers

Alex Buechel -

20/05/13 12:45


I like the top posters and can see the idea of what they are getting at. I like how they showed who they were before who they are known as. I don’t like the second one though, it’s a little weird to me.

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