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The Artist

Alex Buechel art studio
Hi, I'm Star Wars Artist Alex Buechel


I’m an artist, graphic designer, father, nerd and general pop culture fan. Most people know me because of my illustrations of licensed properties, strong character and take a chance attitude. I’ve created this weird “job” for myself where I try to create new images to connect with my clients translating their ideas into a visual art.

I study past and current successful people in my field in an effort to learn their habits, techniques and routines that make these people the best at what they do. Then, I implement what I learn in an effort to make my latest piece my best by evolving and learning something new each time.

I'm excited to share that my work has included some major licensed properties including, Star Wars, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Celebration 2016 and 2017, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, NBC’s Heroes, Starz’ Spartacus, and more. My client list includes Disney, LucasFilm.ldt, The Topps Co., Rocket Ink Studios, Glass + Mirror Craft, Tri-Ad Life Science, MP Drafting and Design, Thadeous Designs and more.
I don’t have all the answers, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far. Want to hear more? Let me take a look at your project and offer an outside of the box solution.

The Mission


At the core of my work is a simple, but powerful question: How can we create something new and better? My answer is simple really, try something new. Look at it a different way and be open to a different approach. Only by trying all these things will we discover the best solution. Even if it was to stay where we were all along.

My ultimate goal is to create a visual solution that hits at the backbone of my clients vision.

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